Upcoming Release: January 1, 2017!

An exquisitely beautiful and uniquely written epic fantasy reminiscent of high fantasy of old.


This is the tale of the Winter Queen. Known for twenty-five winters as Nevena of Ethore – a young servant girl of house Eaynfall – the newfound young queen must rise from the ashes of her former self to reunite and rebuild a war-ravaged world.

A story of love and loss, Winter Reign is an epic romantic fantasy that will hold you spellbound from the first page to the last.

I’ve got some really lovely feedback from early readers. Here is a quote I receivedĀ a few weeks ago:

You don’t want to miss this epic fantasy adventure, following the story of a young Queen who was once a servant who finds herself in distant lands and epic battles. Not only is it an epic fantasy but it’s also a love story, and it’s a pleasure to finally see a female heroine not dependent on her male counterpart. It’s written in first person present tense, which is exceptionally unique and really adds to the fantasy feel of the story. Well written, great story line, creative plot, and kick ass heroine. I’ll be leaving a five star review once the book is released this winter.

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